My Story

I signed up as a Stella & Dot Stylist in March 2013. I had just gone to my second trunk show and was IN LOVE with everything. All of it. All of the jewels. The Stylist at that party (now my sponsor and mentor!) informed me that I could be a Stylist and have my own equivalent of “all the jewels” for free and at a discount. So I basically signed up on the spot. I wasn’t thinking down the road, I was just thinking jewelry I want it all now.

Four plus years later, and I’m still going strong! I love that I can weave Stella & Dot into my life as it fits. I took a mini break when I was in the throws of wedding planning, but then picked right back up again after. It’s as flexible and lucrative as you want it to be. I still have a full-time job but use Stella & Dot as an escape for some girl time. I’ve been able to use my commission on plane tickets, vet bills, some extra shoes, bridal party gifts, part of the down payment on my car, and all smaller things in between.

I like the comfort of knowing that I have another separate stream of income in case I really, truly needed it. And the fact that I can write off my jewelry samples as a business expense is pretty great.