Whole30 Week 2 Meal Plan

Here’s my current meal plan for the week! I usually try to create these on Fridays, so I can shop over the weekend. I did plan on Friday, but of course things came up. I had to move some things around to accommodate, but that’s ok! Because I’m prepared and will have enough food in my fridge to hold me over until I shop again.

I also try to leave some empty spaces on purpose for more spontaneous outings with friends or date night with Joe. I love a good regiment, but even I have to leave some room for fun. 🙂

I got some tech help from a friend of a friend (thank you Melissa’s friend, if you’re reading this!) about adding links to my chart so you can click directly on a recipe. I haven’t figured it out totally yet, but I wanted y’all to have my list in case you need meal inspiration this week. Below are the links to the recipes listed!

My Bacon Asparagus “Pasta”

Sausage, Pepper, Potato Skillet

Sweet Potato Fries

Nothing special about the bunless burgers, will just throw on some compliant spices and grill those puppies up!

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xo, Caroline

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